MP Industries, Inc. introduces the 1953-J Water Level Control with an adapter that allows you to use a concrete fill lid. The unit comes with everything on our regular 1953-J except the lid and ring.


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Water Leveler Control (1953-J PAL)

MP Industries, Inc. introduces it's new patented design water leveler for negative edge pools. The water level is an accurate, easy to install device that will maintain exact water levels on negative edge pools. This water leveler is installed inside the catch basin of the pool. The valve is simple and easy to adjust. It is accurate and maintenance free. The water leveler is constructed of durable ABS plastic with 3/4" water inlet and 1" overflow. The face plates come in four colors: tan, gray, white, or black. Try our new water level for years of trouble free maintenance.


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Negative Edge Water Leveler (MP-2000MC)

The AUTO-LEV™ is an accurate, easy to install device that will maintain exact water levels in pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, ponds or water-holding tanks. Its simple and easy-to-adjust float valve assembly is accurate and maintenance-free. The AUTO-LEV™ is constructed of durable high-impact plastic and sports a commercial grade, plastic float assembly. The plumbing port is a standard 3/4" street L PVC. The equalizer lines are 1" or 1 - 1/2" female slip. The top access lid is available in black, tan, white, gray or dark gray to best fit your application. It also has a new accessory extension

collar (Part no. 4058) that raises the ring and lid 1".


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Automatic Water Leveler (MP-1953-J)

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