Test Kits

Basic OTO and Phenol Red Test Kit (MP-029)

All Pills Chlorine-Bromine, Alkalinity and PH


Can be private labeled.


Basic DPD1 and Phenol Red Test Kit (MP-03)

DPD1 and Phenol Red Pills


Can be private labeled.

Replacement Bottles (MP-102CL)



Replacement Bottles (MP-102PH)

(phenol red)








Test Kit (MP-414)


Test Kit (MP-415)


MP Industries, Inc. introduces its two new kits.


Test Kit MP-414, test for bromine/chlorine, PH, acid demand and total alkalinity with
DPD1 pills.


Test Kit MP-415, 4-in-1 with OTO solution.


For ease in testing pool or spa water, try our test kits. Refills are also available.


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