Algae Brush Stainless Steel 10" (MP-7SS)


Algae Brush Stainless Steel 5" (MP-11SS)




Curved Wall Brush with Aluminum Back 18" (MP-8)


Curved Wall Brush 18" (MP-10)


PVC Brush 10" (MP-7P)


PVC Brush 5" (MP-11P) and (MP-11 – black bristles)




Aluminum Back 18" Stainless Steel Brush (MP-114)


(top) Aluminum Back

Wall Nylon Brush 24" (MP-165C)


(bottom) Aluminum Back

Wall Nylon and Stainless

Brush 24" (MP-167B)


MP Industries, Inc. introduces its new aluminum back brushes made of top quality plastic and aluminum for years of service. These come with two types of brushes. One is made with nylon bristles and the combo is made of nylon and stainless bristles. We also have an 18" combo available.






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